Monday, April 02, 2007

old information: sxsw

I also went to South by Southwest (Austin, TX) where i

a) played rockstar and performed with austin legend Ian Moore at austin's legendary "cactus cafe" (& the "red scoot inn").

b) hung out at the geek convention where i learned about emerging technology...

...and defended my intelligence to my geek friends, reminding them that i have a degree in science, speak mandarin (fluently)-- and german, and am well aware that knowledge of "cutting edge" technology is valuable -- duh.

they apologized for vague insinuations that i was some kind of retarted cousin (because i'm not a software engineer, web designer, or panelist & had to get the hell out of that dismal convention center). hey, i just think film parties are funner.

BUT... i AM writing a blog now, so score one for the geeks.

c) saw amazing movies- "Hannah Takes the Stairs", "Knocked Up", and hung out w/ Cary Brothers, the Hotel Cafe kids, and Brian LeBarton.

d) went to an Art Outside party, which blew all sxsw parties out of the water. i also learned the glory of breakfast tacos, most delicious food on the planet.

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