Wednesday, May 09, 2007

toronto, buffalo, cleveland, ann arbor, boston, portsmouth

so, we've been having more fun than originally intended. we played one of the oldest theatres in the country-- about 192 years old-- "the music hall", of portsmouth, MA. it's insides were like a pirate ship, complete with thick ancient ropes and sandbags. it was like being in "the ballet" where people sit silently through each piece and then applaud at the end-- as opposed to "the usual"-- rocking the crap out of a rowdy mass of drunken ragers. which is also fantastic.

and, oh, the sound-- it was incredible. the acoustics of the place were stellar-- it was an honor to play such a magnificent venue, to actually hear my own cello and voice with cary. we were both giddy. it was the best we'd sounded yet. afterwards i was asked to come out and say hi to the people crowding the lobby, waiting for autographs--from brandi-- which i'd never done before. cary, of course, gets mobbed and generally runs backstage after shows, so i felt like a nerd going out and smiling my face off, BUT, since i've been learning the music throughout the process and not felt as grounded at times as i'd like to, it was really wonderful to see that people are really into what we're doing and were really enthusiastic and supportive. it was reassuring and blushworthy, and, more than anything, simply a lot of fun.

also, i played my first house of blues show last night, which was completely awesome-- that was cleveland. in boston, at the avalon, i played for the biggest audience yet. it was a tremendous 2 story venue packed to the gills, which some network was filming.

then we went to buffalo-- i swear, the closer you get to canada, the nicer people are. buffalo was just full of the sweetest sweetheart people ever. we had the nicest hotel experience, the nicest sandwich experience, the nicest coffee shop, gas station, and lost battery charger experiences. of all time. then we headed to toronto, where we hung out with friends old and new, whilst scampering about with tornotonian roadies. i was so happy when we crossed the canadian border that i wept tears of joy. i shit you not at all-- it's been a life dream to go there. i can't imagine a better way than having sweet canadian border patrol guards ask where we were playing, being stoked, and saying "eh?". plus i got a BITCHIn dress in toronto.

i'm posting up some northeastern-y vids later this eve, but wanted to share recent experiences. i just got back from a show in ann arbor, and we started working on a new ditty. it's all fun and exciting!


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