Friday, November 09, 2007


this morning i went to the wga strike rally at fox and had a life-lesson in solidarity. in a flagrant rip-off of jonathangrubb, i shall list 5 things i learned whilst striking:

1. solidarity is sweet.

before i continue and make lighthearted, jabby observations on today's rally, i formally fully support and endorse the writers' guild cause. it brings to mind a wga-written-blockbuster line my dad always quotes:

"the future is here, and as of now we are keeping score".

thanks, top gun.

2. everything is a marketing opportunity.

when (mostly) rich white men go on strike, people give out free stuff. from "necessities" like starbucks and noah's bagels, to a brightly colored and strategically parked yerba-matte van, the sponsers were laying it on thick. undoubtedly vying for primetime product placement as soon as everyone gets back to work--or just to be caught in the background of a billy baldwin interview.

3. "getting the right shot"

we wondered why 4,000 people were pacing a picket line down a closed-off street, with no car-honking opportunites. then we looked up at the flock of helicopters hovering over our heads, getting the best aerial-strike-shots of all time. they really do know what they're doing down here when it comes to production value.
take that, nightly news.

4. apparently, solidarity is also about schmoozing.

actually, everything is about schmoozing. what is 'schmoozing' anyways? when my boyfriend gets drinks or breakfast (or both) with his co-workers, it's called "work". when hollywood people do it, it's schmoozing. whatever. i'm just glad i got to ramble the streets, feel the pulse of the industry, and take pictures with...

5. hot cops.

thanks to the completely awesome reno 911 guys for showing some leg-- and ALL of the other actors who got it up for this momentous occasion. if more sag folks make it out, it will not only strengthen the cause and sag's future, but also be richtor. hey-- when your show gets shut down, don your finest and hit the streets!

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