Monday, April 30, 2007

new york and philly rocked my face off.

philly was great fun, we bonded with out tourmates, brandi carlile and her band, who are amazzzzzing. cary and i found our musical groove, and recognized that this tour is ridiculously fantastic and awesome. here's the most recent tour video from philidelphia:

new york was so legendary it's going to take at least 2 videos to cover properly. we had a recovery/survival show in northampton, MA, and i'm backstage at the venue in Touson, Maryland where we just played. we have a radio show in Baltimore tomorrow morning, and are headlining a show in NYC once more tomorrow night. a lot of intense travel, but well worth the fun.

brandi also got a fantastic review from the new york times:

Friday, April 27, 2007

cary brothers tour w/ brandi carlilie-- d.c./virginia

this tour rocks my effing world. i'm so happy right now, the people are phenomenal, their talent astounds me, and the pervasive love that eminates from all participating in the experience/experiment is baffling.

here's d.c. virginny:"

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Cary Brothers Tour Begins!!

we flew to D.C. last night, turned down an escalade as our new rental car/fortress of solitude, made friends w/ "jane", the schizo navigation system, and are now at a cush hotel in virginia. here's some video from seattle--we played 5 shows in 36 hours, all filmed by other people- here we merrily frolick:

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

leaving for seattle

we're headed to seattle tomorrow before the dawn breaks to play like 4 shows upon landing, then do the same on thurs. should be fun and awesome. i will miss velviola velvily starship enterprise semionne, my angel kitty. but since she IS a cat and has no prefrontal cortex, i'm sure she won't miss me. well, maybe a little.

Starring in a movie w/ Rosanna Arquette

and i can't stop crowing about it. i'll be shooting right after i get back from tour-- literally the day after. i'll be jetlagged, it's gonna be awesome. Ms. Arquette will play my mother, and Najarra Townsend, from "Me, You, and Everyone We Know" will play my younger sister. i'm completely stoked.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

tour dates


Mar 30 & 31 / Red Lion / Vail, CO - Vail Film Festival Shows


Apr 24 / Birchmere / Alexandria, VA - SOLD OUT

Apr 25 / World Cafe Live / Philadelphia, PA - SOLD OUT

Apr 26 / Bowery Ballroom / New York, NY - SOLD OUT

Apr 27 / Bowery Ballroom / New York, NY - SOLD OUT

Apr 28 / Iron Horse / Northhampton, MA - SOLD OUT

Apr 30 / Recher Theater / Towson, MD - BUY TICKETS

May 2 / Higher Ground / Burlington, VT - BUY TICKETS

May 4 / Music Hall / Portsmouth, NH - BUY TICKETS

May 5 / Avalon / Boston, MA - BUY TICKETS

May 7 / Horseshoe Tavern / Toronto, ONT - BUY TICKETS

May 8 / Cambridge Room @ HOB / Cleveland, OH -SOLD OUT

May 9 / The Ark / Ann Arbor, MI - SOLD OUT

May 11 / Schuba's / Chicago, IL - SOLD OUT

May 12 / Schuba's / Chicago, IL - SOLD OUT

May 13 / Schuba's / Chicago, IL - SOLD OUT

May 15 / Music Mill / Indianapolis, IN - SOLD OUT

getting into cannes & good reviews

Great news this week. "Expired" is premiering at Cannes film festival next week (after a great run at Sundance). Hooray!

Also, i screened some clips of current project, "Marathoners" this week, and the room was all genuine hysterical laughs. It's actually going to work-- and will be so much better once it's actually edited.

in other news, i've been rehearsing with cary many days this week, and this tour is going to be a musical masterpiece and i'm so proud of the work we're doing. i'm so stoked to hit the road for a few weeks and hang out in new york and chicago and (soft) rock the *&^% out.

The tour is mostly sold out, all info can be seen at:

Monday, April 02, 2007

old information: sxsw

I also went to South by Southwest (Austin, TX) where i

a) played rockstar and performed with austin legend Ian Moore at austin's legendary "cactus cafe" (& the "red scoot inn").

b) hung out at the geek convention where i learned about emerging technology...

...and defended my intelligence to my geek friends, reminding them that i have a degree in science, speak mandarin (fluently)-- and german, and am well aware that knowledge of "cutting edge" technology is valuable -- duh.

they apologized for vague insinuations that i was some kind of retarted cousin (because i'm not a software engineer, web designer, or panelist & had to get the hell out of that dismal convention center). hey, i just think film parties are funner.

BUT... i AM writing a blog now, so score one for the geeks.

c) saw amazing movies- "Hannah Takes the Stairs", "Knocked Up", and hung out w/ Cary Brothers, the Hotel Cafe kids, and Brian LeBarton.

d) went to an Art Outside party, which blew all sxsw parties out of the water. i also learned the glory of breakfast tacos, most delicious food on the planet.

Going on tour w/ Cary Brothers!

Exciting news! I'm heading on tour with Cary Brothers (of the "Garden State" soundtrack) this April, in anticipation of his new album and to support Brandie Carlile. I will simultaneously sing, play cello, and rock the fuck out. and we will film while on the road. Videos will be posted right here and at cary's site and at wooT!

Welcome to the Trio Show

a new sketch improv project kestrin started with brea tisdale and ria bellafiore: