Monday, December 22, 2008

Future Dog, God-Willing:

I found the most beautiful dog in the world on the internet. Now I just need to reassure the pet rescue that I'm the most responsible person in the world for this hound. I've been looking for a future-50lb puppy to be my soulmate/life partner for months, and I firmly believe that this is the dog for me. 

Here's 5 Reasons Why They Should Give Me The Dog Right Now:

1. I locked down permanent dog-sitting back-up before I decided to adopt. The Pantera's will take care of their grand-doggy if a situation ever occurs where I must get on a plane. Forever.

2. I've been reading dog training books (instead of doing anything else) the last 3 months-- and implementing the techniques on Batgirl, who's responding beautifully.

3. I have interviewed and found our Obedience Class (Pasadena), Doggie Daycare (1 mile away-- they have web cams!), and spent $300 on supplies today, including:
  • collar
  • crate
  • baby gate
  • pee pads/newspaper
  • chew toys (lots)
  • portable doggie bed/car carrier
  • clicker
  • waste bags for walking
  • food & bowls
  • buster cube
  • kong ("find it" game)
  • Nature’s Miracle
  • bitter apple
4. I'm going to use the "clicker" method of training her, in addition to other positive reinforcement techniques, rigorous socialization and obedience training. And Batgirl needs a big best friend.

5. I'm going to teach her how to ring a bell when she needs to go to the "bathroom".

In addition to the fact that I'm going to be the best dog owner ever, this dog looks like a giant version of Batgirl:

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Give Peace a Chance Already. Geez.

I've been bitten by the holiday (and, apparently, the hippie) bug. I'm re-posting this awesome video from John Lennon and Yoko Ono, in which they brand and market the concept of peace worldwide. Seems an appropriate time of year and history to reiterate the message, enjoy!

Thanks, Sloane, for posting!