Monday, December 22, 2008

Future Dog, God-Willing:

I found the most beautiful dog in the world on the internet. Now I just need to reassure the pet rescue that I'm the most responsible person in the world for this hound. I've been looking for a future-50lb puppy to be my soulmate/life partner for months, and I firmly believe that this is the dog for me. 

Here's 5 Reasons Why They Should Give Me The Dog Right Now:

1. I locked down permanent dog-sitting back-up before I decided to adopt. The Pantera's will take care of their grand-doggy if a situation ever occurs where I must get on a plane. Forever.

2. I've been reading dog training books (instead of doing anything else) the last 3 months-- and implementing the techniques on Batgirl, who's responding beautifully.

3. I have interviewed and found our Obedience Class (Pasadena), Doggie Daycare (1 mile away-- they have web cams!), and spent $300 on supplies today, including:
  • collar
  • crate
  • baby gate
  • pee pads/newspaper
  • chew toys (lots)
  • portable doggie bed/car carrier
  • clicker
  • waste bags for walking
  • food & bowls
  • buster cube
  • kong ("find it" game)
  • Nature’s Miracle
  • bitter apple
4. I'm going to use the "clicker" method of training her, in addition to other positive reinforcement techniques, rigorous socialization and obedience training. And Batgirl needs a big best friend.

5. I'm going to teach her how to ring a bell when she needs to go to the "bathroom".

In addition to the fact that I'm going to be the best dog owner ever, this dog looks like a giant version of Batgirl:

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Alicyn Packard said...

YES!!! Batgirl will have a new best friend! Good luck with your new pooch!