Wednesday, July 09, 2008

RVIP Lounge LAFF: Video Rockage

The RVIP Lounge, LA Film Festival : our highest levels of rocking yet.

It began with an epic night of glory: we stole people from the VIP room at the LA Film Festival, cruised the Sunset Strip, stopped by the wrap party of Adrian Grenier's show, "Alter Eco", saw an amazing rock show by His Orchestra, interviewed Planet Unicorn, and went to the opening night Hollywood premiere party for "Expired"-- who's roster of guests included numerous Academy Award Winning producers ("The Godfather", "Ali", "Lost in Translation", etc). Pretty much the blingy-est night ever.

Needless to say, we were completely beat-down the next day. We got up early, went to the festival, watched dogs frolick on the lawn as "Hellboy 2" premiered in front of us... and were so buckled we almost didn't think we'd make it through sunset.

Fortunately, our close friends banded together and rallied up to hit the Sunset Strip for "one last ride". On Hollywood Blvd, a random group of Canadian guys (who had been desperately searching for karaoke, to no avail) saw our RV and literally chased us down in the street. We picked them up and rode around together for hours in hilarious bliss as they sang at the top of their lungs, shared stories, played with our lightsaber, and were all-around AWESOME. These guys are our heroes, who truly helped us "bring it on home".

Here's a glimpse of a night on the RVIP Lounge--our first official video!

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