Saturday, August 09, 2008

Operation Ugly Beauty: ACTIVATED

“Operation Ugly Beauty” follows Charlie’s Angels-esque trio, actress Sarah Carter, rock star Kestrin Pantera, and revolutionary make-up artist Victoria Rowe, as they purify the beauty regimens of celebrities and tastemakers. There are thousands of easily identifiable toxic ingredients in American cosmetic products that have been directly linked to cancer for the past 25 years (and consequently been banned from the European Union). Americans are beginning to know and care, but feel helpless…

“Operation Ugly Beauty” is entertainment, education, and EMPOWERMENT.

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Our three heroines go on-site to celebrities’ and tastemakers’ homes/studios/sets and perform a cosmetic coup, destroying all toxic products* with hilarity and faux violence. The demonized products are then replaced with healthy alternatives and the subject is treated a pure makeover. Afterwards, the girls go out in sexy, healthy style and celebrate with their freshly made-over subject, causing hot and hilarious trouble while leaving a trail of beautiful people reconsidering their toxic attachments.

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