Wednesday, September 03, 2008

5 Reasons Why 2008 was the Best Burning Man Ever

This was my best year ever at Burning Man.  We created a solid community, formed beautiful friendships, laughed hysterically, and made up rumors that circulated throughout the entire 50,000 person event (and made it all the way back to us). I am endlessly grateful for the blissful times had at Hammock Hangout, 2008, and know that I am truly blessed.

1) With the right team, you can do anything
Our team this year included CEO's, software engineers, technology/product managers, Hollywood writers, directors, & producers, artists, entrepreneurs, and a dominatrix. Our combined vision, skill sets, and ability to tie really good knots were critical to our success, but nothing was stronger than our combined sense of humor. Best. Camp. Ever.

2) Vision, Organization, Execution (using SCRUM at Burning Man)
I hate chore wheel camps-- the reason I go to Burning Man in the first place is to exorcize my anarchist demons. That means ain't nobody gonna tell me to do nothin'.

On the flipside, when we tried to execute a large-scale project in the past without a plan, we ended up with no project. This year I made a website, assembled an awesome team, and together we built the "Hammock Hangout": several giant Vietnam-era parachutes held up with a 1.6 ton Eucalyptus log and 42 "smaller" logs, filled with 30 hammocks. It worked, and the people came.

3) It's All About the Love
We made a conscious decision to be "all about the love" this year.  This does not mean "hippie", "un-funny" or "non-snarky".  It DOES mean "listen well", "provide positive solutions at all times", and "help people as much as possible with an air of light-hearted hilarity".  
Sometimes the best way to help someone is to make a joke, do a shot, and/or sing karaoke in the dust storm... and sometimes you get to save people's lives (which we did, twice, thanks to our general awareness, concern, & crisis management skills). 

4) Partly Naked
This year we were "fortunate" enough to be placed across the street from a camp called "Party Naked", which requires no more explanation. 
Though they stood around in the street wearing nothing but "buttercups" on their privates, creeping out pretty much everyone, they were actually the best neighbors ever because they provided a never ending source of joke-fodder.  And they took our constant jibes with good humor-- especially when we renamed our camp "Partly Naked", aka "Pants Required". Thanks, Nakeds! 

Above: "The loneliest man in the world" (Photo credit: Josh Reiss)
5) Starting Celebrity Rumors
Did you know that Madonna was at Burning Man this year and went to Ashram Galactica?  Or that Gavin Newsome was a member of the LampLighters this year?  That Sting eats a whole watermelon every day when he's in the desert? And Robbie Williams went to the 70's roller disco and skated in a circle? (That last one is true)

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Alicyn Packard said...

Y E S !
Jason nearly had me in tears when he informed me of the tragic accident on Tuesday when Phil Collins fell off an art car doing a karaoke rendition of "Stu Stu Studio".
Good times!