Friday, November 14, 2008

The Kids in Montreal get TRASHED

I am in Montreal recording a record with Sarah Carter and producer Ross Golan. A highlight of the trip thus far (aside from making beautiful music) was going to see Girl Talk at Metropolis, an iconic Montreal venue, with my friend Phillippe and his best pal, music journalist T'Cha Dunlevy. The show was fantastic, the company divine, and the kids were WASTED.

Never have I seen so many drunken teenagers squished into one space. Because the drinking age is 18 years old here, all of the subtle house-party, hidden alcohol consumption of rookie high-school American kids disappears and is put right in the central of the, well, metropolis.

The night of trashed teens started with a young hipster falling on the sidewalk in front of the club, smashing her head into a parked bicycle and swatting at her friends who tried to help her stand. Once inside the club, the girls (and boys) just kept falling the whole night long-- on the street, the dance floor, the bathroom floor... it was incredible... Almost like getting plastered and collapsing was the new moonwalk.

Hopefully people won't need to get so blasted in order to enjoy Sarah's new record. Though we all have something to learn from GirlTalk's slick shirtless dance moves and hilarious strip routine-- what that is exactly, I'm not quite sure. (Photos by: Brooke Doyle)

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