Thursday, October 30, 2008

Axe and Ye Shall Receive: 5 Things I Learned About Male Models

I worked on a project last week that involved stupidly gorgeous male models with extremely bad hair. Here are 5 Things I Learned About Male Models:

1) The movie "Zoolander" is pretty much accurate on every level: many are arrogant, beautiful divas who preen and strut willy-nilly, checking themselves out in the mirror more than any woman ever possibly could.

2) As in "Zoolander", there are also exceptions to the rule-- those "chosen few", with a great sense of humor-- self-deprecating, despite knowledge of their inherently superior Adonis-like beauty.

3) Male Models take their shirts off in public and flex, without rhyme or reason.

4) Male Models are ALWAYS posing when on-set.

5) Male Models have accents from Sweden, Algiers, or the UK. No matter where they're from.

Seeing as how I (and all the other girls on-set) are all into tall nerds, it was pretty much a Derek Zoolander/Hansel rejection-fest, and they were dissed by every woman present.

Above: two male models with bad wigs, unintentionally striking poses. Note the girl on the right, looking at them with confused apprehension.

This handsome gentleman rode around on a bike during lunch. Note his rippling abs. He instinctively took his shirt off and started flexing, without provocation.

My new friend, Kim Haden, and I, baring our best cold, hard, "blue steels". The fact is, we were totally the "Matildas" in the situation, no matter how hard we mugged. The awesome necklace I'm wearing was provided by Jewelry by Nola.

On a completely unrelated note, I found this picture of me and my bass player, Winthrop. Just wanted to formally acknowledge how cool this guy is:


Brian said...

Thanks for sending back these anthropological reports from the darkest realms of madness!

kestrin said...

i will anthropologicalize your face off with future madness :)