Friday, January 09, 2009

Hello, 2009: Let's Rock. KCRW Show at the Roxy Jan. 24th

We all know that the international & domestic economic climate has gone to hell, the unemployment rate hit a 16 year high today, and I, for one, fret for my oldest childhood friend's saftey (she is in med school in Israel). But there is some really fantastic shit going on around the world at the moment. This is our time, and I, for one, will take it. 2009 = TwoThousandMINE!

So many musicians in Los Angeles are going through a creative renaissance right now-- I'm literally barraged with fabulous original music every time I walk out the door. I'm so grateful to be a working "creative type" during this "downturn", it is such a special time to be alive.

5 More Reasons Why 2009 is Great:

1. This year marks the most legendary presidency in American history. Who's going to D.C. for the Inauguration?

2. My friends Cary Brothers, The Brandi Carlile Band, and Sarah Carter are recording un-f-ing believable music. 2009 will be music's own reward...

3. Have you checked out yet? It will make you glad to be alive in '09.

4. Love is in the Air. I, for one, am like, totally engaged (along with a ton of friends). This means we can all conspire to create the best wedding-season ever. And you're invited to the awesome party!

5. his Orchestra just mastered our new record. We're so, SO proud of the way it's turned out (we should be releasing the album in the next month or so, as soon as we finish the artwork).

We are also starting to play live again! Our first show of the year is a KCRW sponsored gig at the Roxy on Jan. 24th, with West Indian Girl. Shortly after that, we're playing Bordello on Jan. 28th. Come rock out.

Happy New Year, from TwoThousandGreat to TwoThousandMine!

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