Thursday, October 16, 2008

Burt Reynolds is Hilarious

This man is awesome and funny. I can't really explain too much about why I'm in this photograph (at this time), but I will say that Burt Reynolds pretty much kicks complete ass all around. If you still have and/or watch T.V., you'll know exactly what this is all about in a few weeks.

Here are 5 Facts You May Not Have Known About Burt Reynolds:

1. He was the number-one box-office attraction for five straight years (1978-82)
2. He is 1/4 Cherokee Indian
3. He co-owned the Tampa Bay Bandits & a NASCAR team
4. He is a brilliant comedic actor
5. He helped his best childhood friend (who was abused) get adopted by his parents

...Look at him. He's the man.

P.S. My next (& final episode, this season) of "Alter Eco" airs this Monday, October 20, @ 9pm on Discovery's Planet Green.



Love your face.

Brian said...

Burt Reynolds is indeed waaaaay more important than most young whippersnappers remember. Pantera, who exists in multiple timestreams and whose mind can go wherever in space and time it is required, is a wonderful exception.

kestrin said...

b.r., in addition to being a cultural icon, is also one of the sweetest people i've ever worked with. you're so good to me, brian!