Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Weezer Show @ the Forum

Inglewooooooood was so good to me. The evening started off a little shaky-- I couldn't get into the parking lot at The Forum and was very frustrated--even considered going home for a split second, when the drummer (of Weezer's) wife found & took care of me, like an angel from heaven.

I took it as a good sign, met up with the other "hootinanny" players, and manned up to rock. Some of the people in the "hootinanny" had won a contest through KROQ to be onstage and "play" with Weezer--they were given a myriad of percussive instruments to rattle and did a great job. My friend Ray and I were apparently wrangled in as "real musicians" at the last minute.

It was interesting to see a band open up to such an extreme level of engagement & interaction with their fans. It was a cool concept that was executed very well.

We rehearsed with some of the band members-- all of whom were awesome. It felt surprisingly normal: we worked out the chords, ran through each song a couple of times. Then we walked on stage:

I talked to Rivers, introduced my electric cello (and myself), and played a spacey little cello solo:

and rocked! Here's the view of the 10,000 seat venue from the stage:


mjlambie said...

so rad KP. i wish i could have seen that show. if only you sent more emails to your email list!

kestrin said...

i'm boning up my email strategy-- 2009 is going to be a whole new year. his Orchestra has some awesome shows for january--at the roxy on jan. 24th, and bordello on jan. 28th. happy new year & rock with you soon!