Sunday, June 01, 2008

Coachella: Cover of the LA Times

Coachella sent a private chartered train down to the Palm Desert this year, and it was packed with film crews (one of which I was part of, along with Rosanna Arquette and the good boys at Subtractive ). The encompassing concepts surrounded conservation, community, and non-stop rocking. It was truly the first raddest American party train. We felt like we were writing history-- and apparently, we did.

I was awakened at 7am, slumbering in the Coachella Valley after a long afternoon & night of partying, to my friend Liz shouting, "You're on the cover of the LA Times!". Turns out, I was.

For the next several days I was referred to as "the face of coachella" by friends and strangers, which was totally weird and a wicked honor. The weekend consisted of my first official Coachella performance onstage w/ Adam Freeland, dancing around all night in "the doggie coat", and wearing all-gold for 3 days straight. Best. Coachella. Yet.

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