Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sweden Rules! 5 reasons why...

Sweden is probably the best country ever--it's "The Shire". The highlight of our trip was literally dancing around a maypole with a group of grown adults in the forest, holding hands and singing on Midsummer's Eve--their primary national tradition. Here are 5 more reasons why this country rocks:

1.) The sun never sets during summer.

2.) It always smells good-- be it roasting meats, baking breads, or jasmine flowers.

3.) Absolutely every place you go, there's good music playing: train station, bathroom, hotel lobby, friend's house, bar, club, shoe shop, wierd antique store, boat, party, dorm room, etc.

4.) They take their food very seriously. It is ALWAYS good: restaurang, friend's house, kebab stand on the corner, etc.

5.) The Swedes truly are as hot as we imagined-- and they all spoke to us in SWEDISH, which mean they thought we, too, were well-dressed and good looking.

I'd post pictures and the legendary video I filmed, if that creep in the Copenhagen train station hadn't stolen my purse. As a traveller, it's one's sole responsibility to guard the bag with their passport, drivers license, credit card, video camera, digital still camera, and all the tapes to their film project, with their fullest attention, but OUCH! Granted, it was a 2-man operation and the guys were serious pro's who basically took it from my lap, but it's still my fault it's gone. On the plus side, my Danish friends apologized to me on behalf of their country and then fed me, so it worked out alright!

Apparently, this film-- Starmonster 2 (in Europe)-- was too visionary for this world, and I was meant to just finish editing "Marathoners" already!

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