Sunday, June 01, 2008

"Stars and Suns" is a Winner! (And coming to festival near YOU!)

"Stars & Suns", the movie in which I played bitch sister to "Me, You, & Everyone We Know's" Najarra Townsend, won an award at the Malibu Film Festival where it premiered alongside some fablulous films starring Kyle Gass ("Tenacious D"), Buster ("Arrested Development") and Creed ("The Office"), with whom I kicked it on the red carpet. awesome.

Our film has been rocking the international festival circuit, and is playing this month at the prestigious Cinevegas Film Festival, where it will air alongside many brilliant films, including the new Murkami feature, and a celebration honoring Don Cheadle, Rosario Dawson, Viggo Mortsensen and Sam Rockwell.

(above, "award-winning" cast of "Stars and Suns"

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