Sunday, June 01, 2008

RVIP Lounge LA: Total Success

So, we totally rocked the RVIP Lounge LA at high-to-maximum levels. A complete success, we had a series of adventures whose highlights include : crashing a T.V. Guide red carpet event and stealing the hottest of the starlets, rocking all night long with O'Dean(former lead singer of Motley Crue), singing the raddest karaoke in town, by the soft glow of light-saber air guitar.

We love you, Los Angeles. We also love the AWESOME WRITE UP and front-page listing METROMIX gave us. Thanks, hot ones.

We'll be recovering for the next few months, in anticipation of a magical resurgence, at a curbside near you. Check out the original RVIP LOUNGE BLOG for more specific hilarious anecdotes.

(all photos by Josh Reiss)

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